Naked Me


For six days Nakedme took control of an outdoor tent at the TORONTO FRINGE FESTIVAL 2013 and the fate of our mission was in your hands.

Dressed in our somewhat disturbingly realistic naked suits, we persuaded and cajoled Fringe-goers to “dance like no one was watching” in front of our banner with the camera rolling, and challenged people to make themselves feel uncomfortable by taking off as much clothing as they dared.

We promised Toronto that, if 200 people danced for us by the end of the fifth day, on the sixth day we would dance COMPLETELY NAKED in the very same space, with the video of everyone who danced projected behind us.

We had people of all ages, shapes and sizes dance for us, in all manner of undress, and everyone who participated had FUN!

At about 10:30 pm on the last day of filming we reached our target … so on the sixth day we danced naked, together with our 200 digital dancers. Thank you to everyone who used their dancing body to BE A PART OF THE ART!

See the event listing on the Toronto Fringe website.

COMING SOON: a fully reworked video art piece that incorporates the footage featured in the projection, video from the final performance, related illustrations and an original soundscape created specifically for the work.

Below is the video that was projected in the final performance/video installation: